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Cote D’Azur
The Service



What is our definition of luxury? Never having to want for anything as everything you could ever desire is already there for you. That is our definition and Cap Estel and our concierge partner MC Premier offers just that. With transportation transfers, welcome drinks and baskets in your guest’s rooms and spa treatments at the ready, easing your guests into relaxation and celebration mode is a breeze.

After your guest’s arrival they will receive welcome booklets with itineraries of the weekend’s festivities, local goodies and wine and personalized gifting items thanking them for making the journey. After your guest’s have a had a chance to wind down our team of concierges will help them plan their free time with the leisure, site-seeing or shopping that they desire including their transportation. Schedule their complimentary spa service and fitness classes, arrange tee times at the golf course or schedule a horse back riding tour through the hills above.  All of the leisure activities offered to your guests are included and no cost or effort to your guests.  With our concierges on hand we can assist coordinate their free leisure time however they want to enjoy it. With the Ultimate Wedding Collection we strive to make every guest’s experience as luxurious as the brides and grooms.

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