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Cote D’Azur



NetJets Europe

For the ultimate entrance to your wedding weekend, allow NetJets to fly you and your wedding party into your location on one of many sleek jets in their fleet. NetJets is the world leader in private aviation and is our official partner for transportation in the sky to ensure your safe arrival to start the weekend of celebrations to come. Whether flying from within the United States or abroad, NetJets can offer you the opportunity to arrive in style so that we can now help you craft the perfect wedding weekend.


Ground Transportation

A black car and shuttle service is available to transfer all guests to and from the Nice airport or Monaco’s helipad to Cap Estel. Even more, any transportation for exploring or shopping during the day will also be provided via our concierge partner.


Exotic Car

Want to cruse the French Riviera in style? Our concierge partner MC Premier coordinates your choice of exotic car for the bride and groom to enjoy during their stay allowing them to speed off in style when a bit of privacy may be needed.

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