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Fiore Beauty

Fiore Beauty

The Artists of Fiore Beauty

How do you want to be captured and seen on your wedding day? We all want to look flawless, but do you want to feel romantic? A natural beauty? Glamourous and vivacious? Or just utterly gorgeous. Whatever your vision of you best self is, we have our beauty partner Fiore Beauty to help create that perfect self throughout your wedding weekend. With the camera snapping your photo left and right, don’t you want to feel at easy knowing you are polished head to toe? The makeup and hair artists at Fiore beauty will keep you coiffed, polished, curled and glossed at all times and keeping you looking fresh with touchups through out as needed. Fiore Beauty has worked with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Nicole Richie, just to name a few.

With The California Wedding Experience we have included the services of Fiore Beauty not only for the bride, but the wedding party as well as all of the guests! The bride will receive full attention throughout the weekend as needed for each event while the wedding party will also receive their services the day fo the wedding. For the rest of the guests, each guest can choose between an in-room massage or mani-pedi. How much more can you pamper your guests? We’d like to know.

Enjoy some beautiful shots of our gorgeous bride and groom during our campaign shoot by Jana Williams for The California Wedding Experience with La Valencia Hotel.

fiore beauty UWC7 Vintage wedding hair and make up - Galia Lahav Gown Luxury wedding beauty by Fiore Beauty - Galia Lahav Gown - Jana Williams Sleek Wedding beauty, hair, makeup - Galia Lahav Gown Luxury Wedding beauty - Galia Lahav Gown Beautiful Wedding Make Up - Galia Lahav Wedding Veil

Now that you have drooled a bit over the work that Fiore does, we asked the founder Jaimi Brooks a bit about her inspirations and definition of luxury below. Don’t miss learning more about Fiore and seeing the rest of their portfolio on the California beauty page here. 

Fiore Beauty Wedding Make Up & Hair StylingWhat is your definition of luxury? How does that translate into your art?

Luxury is beauty, details and quality which go beyond the minimum of function.  For us, luxury comes into our services because our work is prettier, we see the getting ready time itself as a celebration, and we communicate clearly with our clients to be sure to understand you personal vision of how you want to see yourself so the details are perfect.

Fiore Beauty Wedding Make Up What has been your most defining moment as a beauty expert so far?

When we’re taking care of celebrity clients for all of the events in the award show season I feel proud of our accomplishments.  

Fiore Beauty Wedding makeupDoes traveling inspiring your craft? Where in the world do you want to travel for inspiration? How would you relate that inspiration into what you do?

France is such a stunning place, I would love for us to get to work there. To compliment the beauty of the city itself, the fashion, and the commitment to luxury with our beauty work would be wonderful.

Fiore Beauty Wedding Make Up

Who is your favorite iconic make up artist and why? If you could meet that person what would you ask?

I love Scott Barnes who does amazing makeup.  He is know for his contouring and highlighting which is transforming though it isn’t for everyone because it’s so dramatic.  

What are your favorite trends of the moment and how are you adapting to that? Do you follow, avoid or lead these trends?

We are influenced by many things, the classic beauty looks that are always stunning and consistent, interpretations of current trends, as well as the clients own unique beauty.  These all come together to make an amazing outcome.

Fiore Beauty - beautiful Wedding Hair

Who would be your dream client ? 

Our dream client isn’t really a celebrity but a regular woman who appreciate the best and knows just what she likes and how she feel prettiest.

If money were no object, what would your ultimate service look like? What would you want to offer your clients show off your talents, as only you know you’re capable of?

If money we’re no object, we would concierge our clients through all aspects of their beauty process the year leading up to the wedding. To organize the very best skincare services, diet, hair care (growth, health, coloring, and cut), products, tanning, and makeup lessons). There’s a lot that goes into looking your best for your wedding and it can be confusing for women to take advice from many different,contradicting sources. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to fine tune this all, not only for your wedding but for your life in general.

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